Sunday, 8 February 2015

Farewell message to my fellow panel members of the now dissolved independent inquiry into child sexual abuse:

Dear all

I wanted to inform you that I will not be making any application to be part of the new Goddard Inquiry, either as a panel member or as part of any survivors' advisory group, in whatever form that may take. 

My reasons are these: 

Firstly, I am led to understand that the new panel will not include any survivors, so making an application would be pointless in any case. 

Secondly, the clarion voices of the so called Survivors Alliance, and the aggressive and abusive tactics of the lone-wolf campaigners, together with the questionable motives of some lawyers and others who claim to represent the interests of survivors, will not stop. 

Finally, I want to be able to prosecute my own case, and those of the hundreds of survivors I support through my charity, without fear or favour, which would not be possible were I to have any connection to the Inquiry, other than as an individual survivor or as a survivors' advocate.

It would be disingenuous of me to say that I have enjoyed the experience of the past few months in its totality, as I have not. But I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know you all, and those memories I will take with me from this short, but difficult journey.

With all best wishes


Graham Wilmer MBE

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